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Home maryanne's story professional support media get in touch telephone. 07552 314 918 maryanne makepeace cervical cancer screening petition help us lower the legal age of cervical cancer screening tweet the petition sign the cervical cancer screening petition i would like to petition the prime minister to consider lowering the age for cervical smear testing from 25 to 20. This is close to my heart as i lost my niece in 2010 to cervical cancer at the age of 23. My niece, maryanne makepeace, had visited her doctor's on numerous occasions with the same problem, which was always treated as a water infection, even though tests were negative. Alarm bells never rang, because they quite simply considered that at her age, she was not at risk. The problem progressed, and after i insisted she go back, she finally managed to persuade her doctor to have tests at the hospital. She had the tests carried out and was given the devastating news that she had cervical cancer, at stage 3 - too late for her. viagra without a doctor prescription generic viagra nationalityinworldhistory.net/bsh-buy-generic-viagra-online-jc/ viagra for sale viagra for sale secure canadian pharmacy online cheap viagra cheap generic viagra generic viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription buy viagra Had the doctors taken her seriously at the beginning while still in the first stage, she would have been caught with the cancer cells, and would still be here today, loving and caring for the two beautiful little girls that she has left behind. This disease devastates lives and is ongoing. Maryanne put her faith in her doctor and was let down. There needs to be a rigorous review of the current screening age. Regular tests are carried out in wales and scotland at the age of 20, we need to do something about changing the age in england to 20, before more families are torn apart with more girls losing their lives at such a young age. Surely the best fight for this deadly disease is prevention of the cells taking hold? Please, i urge you, sign my petition, and to the prime minister - please, please consider lowering the age of screening. Mary cort (maryanne's auntie) race for life on saturday 9th july 2011 i will be taking part in the race for life 10k in leicester with my eight year old daughter shannon and some of my other family members. We are doing this in memory of maryanne to help raise money for cancer research uk. This is a pretty big step for us since we have never taken part in a race like this before, so if you would like sponsor us, then please do so via the link below. We will be sure to post an update in july to let you know how we got on! Get involved there are several ways you can get involved with our campaign, either by joining our facebook group or by spreading the word via twitter. With your support you can help us save lives by lowering the legal screening age of cancer. Join our facebook group and help s.